Piemonte Barbera 2014 DOC 12,5%
The name of this wine is expressing by itself its origin: a small vineyard (vignot) with an optimal exposure, from which, time ago, one got the family consumption wine. This wine differs from other ones tanks to its features: full body, even if of low graduation, very fragrant and fruity, it tickles the palate with a great freshness.

This wine can satisfy every palate but can, at the same time, amaze the most part of very hard to please consumers. 
Production area: vineyards DOC of Agliano Terme

Grapes variety: Barbera 100%
Yield per hectare: 9,5 tons
Vintage: by hand with grapes selection
Wine production: soft treading, fermentation in tanks at controlled temperature; daily re-pumping, decanting and rest until January.
Maturation: in January it is racked in wooden barrels for a short maturation of approx. 6 months, then it is bottled in June.
Organoleptic features: Ruby red colour, typical and intense fragrance of wine with notes of flowers and dried fruit. It tickles the palate with its freshness, elegance and medium intensity.
Keeping way: laying bottle
To serve at: 15-17C°
It is suggested: as a table wine.
Advised glass: tulip
Ageing: one usually advises to drink the one of the latest vintage; it can stand however a short ageing of approx. 2/3 years.