Dolcetto d’Ovada D.O.C “Il Merlo”

D.O.C %12,5For our wine Dolcetto we felt the need to get grapes of high quality, growing in an area particularly fit for this variety, thanks to the ground and to the climate. So approximately 20 years ago we started a cooperation with some Dolcetto wine growers in the area of Ovada. They supply us with the grapes, that we make into wine in our cellar with the same care and passion, with which we make our Barbera.

Dolcetto d’Ovada is a wine, which, during the last years, has been rediscovered by the wine connoisseurs. Tanks to its features, this wine is fit to be a great wine as a table wine but still more when aged.

The grapes of our Dolcetto come from the vineyards of Ovada and Cremolino. Very old and small vineyards, grown with much care and experience by some wine growers of that area, with which we exchange our experiences, so to get a product of the best possible quality.

Production area: vineyards DOC of Ovada, Cremolino, Rocca Grimalda
Grapes variety: Dolcetto 100%
Yield per hectare: 7 tons
Vintage: by hand with grapes selection. The grapes are transported to our cellar in stainless steel tanks.
Wine production: soft treading, fermentation at controlled temperature during approx. 7/10 days with daily re-pumping. Decanting and rest until the complete clearness has been obtained.
Maturation: in Springtime it is put into casks where it remains during 6/9 month, then it is bottled.
Organoleptic features: Ruby red colour with purplish blue reflections, typical wine fragrance with a pleasant taste of Underwood; very dry and smooth, slightly tannic.
Keeping way: laying bottle
To serve at: 18/20 °C
It is suggested: with various kinds of cold pork meat, sausages, soups and agnolotti. Advised glass: tulip
Ageing: one usually drinks the one of the latest vintage, however it can improve after a 3/4 years ageing.