How to reach us

Azienda Agricola Fratelli Pavia
Vendita Vini DOC Piemonte

Via Fornace Stazione 6
Agliano Terme (AT)
Tel 0039.0141.954093
P.IVA 00624190054

Located at the southernmost side of Monferrato, Agliano Terme immediately appears as an intensely beautiful town: the harmonious succession of hills, crops tidy vineyards, small clusters of farmhouses, sounds and scents of the countryside, are the first enchanting elements that welcome visitors. Agliano you can not just define a “country town”: the peasant traditions, which are still alive and held in high esteem, approach also tourist habits that allowed the aglianesi to be particularly open and available to anyone who shows interest for the their region.

The area is especially suitable and productive tradition passed down for generations, are a reference point for lovers of good wine and in particular the Barbera d’Asti.

Just in these lands, the wine shows in a clear way its organoleptic characteristics: ruby ​​red color when young and tending to garnet with ageing, has a vinous, pleasantly intense and characteristic, while the taste is dry and round.

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