More than one century of love

The Fratelli Pavia Company was born after a long familiar tradition in wine making: at the end of the XIX century our grandfather Michele and his brothers grew vines in Agliano, in the heart of Monferrato area where we produce some of the best red wines from Piedmont , mainly Barbera wine. A lot of customers from Piedmont and Lombardia came to Cascina Pavia to buy their barrel of wine. With the sons, Carlo and Giovanni, and buying new vines from those who stopped this hard job , the Company increased the surface with vineyards in the best position of Agliano with a good exposure and ground to make full-bodied red wines that express perfectly our territory.
Today this is the third generation. The two sons Cesare and Michele are part of the Company with the passion and spirit of work of their fathers , the familiar conduction allows the whole control of the production cycle from the vineyards to the cellar always with the aim to make limited productions as maximum expression of the territory.


Since ever we have chosen the best vineyards in Agliano village . the best exposures and hills where the best grapes grew.


Every year we cross our vineyards taking care of our vines , we vinify in the traditional way and we let the wine ripen to be ready


Every year our wines reflect the vintage, the territory and a limited production. Every wine vintage is an emotion to discover.