The ground, the beginning

Since 1901 our family grows vineyards located in the southern Monferrato area in Agliano village. The area known as the golden triangle of Barbera d’Asti. A surface of 20 hectares , 10 are grown as vineyards with a high quality of grape and excellent wines. In the years we have increased our vineyards located in the best areas of Agliano village looking for best exposures and grounds to make good red wines to age.
The familiar production allows the Company to maintain a high standard cycle of production. The whole work, from the pruring to the harvest, is handmade. This guarantees a limited but well defined production of excellent wines. The love for the ground and traditions are kept unchanged using the guided anti parasitic defense. A few treatments per year with copper without chemical fertilizers or systemic products.
Almost all our vineyards are in the red UNESCO area, in the heart of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE