D.O.C. % 12,5

Grignolino is a red wine DOC, much appreciated for its particular features; it comes unfortunately from a grapes variety not very generous nor easy to be grown. Many wine growers have therefore given it up in the years, assuming that this wine variety would not have many followers . As Fratelli Pavia know very well the “magic formula” to get a great Grignolino, they grow this grapes variety only in particularly suitable areas. In consideration of the rising demand of our customers, we recently increased the surface planted with Grignolino vines.

By means of a careful and modern wine production we get a great wine, the colour of which is a soft ruby red, verging on orange after the ageing. If served the one of the latest vintage at a room temperature, it is recommended with hors d’ouvres, light dishes, white meats and fresh cheese. Grignolino was much appreciated at the Savoia court. They had the habit to drink it with fish dishes, breaking, by this way, the rule of conduct, which demands white wine with fish.

Production area: vineyards DOC of Agliano Terme
Grapes variety: Grignolino 100%
Yield per hectare: 6,5 tons
Vintage: by hand with grapes selection.
Wine production: soft treading, fermentation at controlled temperature during 4/5 days, drawing off and additional fermentation of the must, decanting until its complete clearness is obtained. Maturation: in stainless steel barrels until May/June, when it is bottled.
Organoleptic features: Ruby red colour, verging on orange, typical and dainty fragrance, lovely smelling of flowers. Very dry, slightly tannic and agreeably bitter.
Keeping way: laying bottle
To serve at: 18°C
It is suggested: with hors d’oeuvres, risotti, lean meat and grilled fish.
Advised glass: tulip.
Ageing: It’s usual to drink the one of the latest vintage; it can however stand a 1/3 years ageing.