DOCG 16%

In 1971 Carlo and Giovanni Pavia made in Agliano a full-bodied and pleasant Barbera which obtained the International “Bacco d’Oro” prize . The best award for that time for a wine. That wine now is called NIZZA DOCG which is produced in limited quantities , vinified with the methods of that time under the supervision of Carlo and Giovanni Pavia. It has got the same label of 1971




Grapes variety: Barbera 100%

Vintage: by hand with grapes selection.

Storage: laying bottle
How to serve it: 2 hours before serving, be careful to uncork the bottle and decant it. Ideal temperature 18/20 °C
It is suggested: with tasty dishes, red meats and mature cheese. Delicious with pastries with neither filling, candied fruit. Ideal to be slowly tasted when something makes you think.
Advised glass: tulip reserve