Last touch-ups before the harvest

2018 was a particular year, after 2 years with heat and drought we had a rainy spring, and a summer that alternates muggy heat with thunderstorms with frequent rain. This implies for us more attention and more care of the vineyard, thanks to this we can look at the harvest 2018 with satisfaction, hoping that […]

Pruning time………

  As every year the cycle of work in the vineyard begins again, after letting the vines rest as if it were a time for at least 3 months, now it is pruning time .. You can see the amount of work that confronts the farmer to start the cycle of the vine, the old […]

Barbera d’Asti…..Autunm Colors….

The moment when the vine ends its cycle ….. after donating its fruits ….. The leaves change color and prepare to fall, on the ground they will be a natural nourishment for next year ….. the vine will rest until the new year as they have taught us. The plant rests in anticipation of the […]

Harvest 2017. A great Barbera d’Asti

A reissue of some shots of the vintage of 2011 …. a vintage debated with the extreme climate that paid us the frost in May, and later unhappy, of a hot summer without precipitation, but saved us from hail. Keeping in mind that every vintage makes history to itself and it is right that it […]

Last touches before harvest …….

We are almost dripping, the 2017 vintage with its extreme phases is approaching At the moment most anticipated …. the vintage, in this gallery the latest manual touches To have a high quality product … are very scrupulous finishing operations that showcase and enhance the work of a year …