uva prima della raccolta L'uva aspetta la vinificazione nelle ceste Grappolo d'uva nelle nostre vigne uva quasi matura che aspetta la raccolta Dalla collina alla cantina il nostro vino è prodotto con grande cura

Barbera d’Asti by tradition

Since 1901 the family business Fratelli Pavia produces an directly sells the best wines of the Piedmontese tradition, in particular the great Barbera d'Asti of Agliano.

More than hundred years of sweat and physical efforts, winters spent to trim the vineyards and summers spent to take care of them until the vintage. A lot of baskets carried on our back until the wooden tub which was towed by an ox until the wine cellar. Even today, with the modern machines for grapes processing, we are utterly convinced that wines of very high quality are produced first of all in the vineyard.

Our wines are not a trend result but the result of our work and our passion. Our vineyards are exactly in the same place of the ones of our grandfathers. We think that wines represent a tradition, a link with the past times, a long lasting value, which improves as time goes by, as some people do. In each glass of wine there is a world apart to be discovered, fruit of the nature and result of man work.

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